Muni Militia Shirts going out tomorrow!

All Muni Militia shirts are ready to me mailed and will be shipped tomorrow.

Reminder to everyone to send money so I might do something like this again.

Mike Carroll
5032 Centre Ave
Rm 502
Pittsburgh PA 15213

or paypal using as the name to send money to.

Thanks alot everyone this has been a fun project and I hope you enjoy your shirts!


Ok I’ll send the money tommorow so you should get it a few days before i get the shirt. TY very much for the T’s I will wear it with much pride and gratitude.

Oh are you tossing a patch in there because i need to know whether to add 3.00 or not.

Well everyone’s shirt is on their way! Some will take longer than others from what I was told from the post office, but in anywhere from a week to 6 everyone should have thier shirts (4-6 to europe and new Zealand).

So far I have recieved payment from 3 people, and trades by 2 others. Thanks alot everyone and hopefully I’ll see a few more checks in the mail because I’m currently way in debt on this project. None the less it has been fun, and I hope everyone enjoy’s their shirts!

Mr Mike ‘chex’ Nutz.

trades?what kind of trades are we talking here?how about one my 5 boxes of Wheaties with Lance Amstrong on it :smiley:

Don’t let Jagur hold out on you- my source says he’s sitt’n on a hole case of MJ signature Q-Tips…


Dun Dun CHHH!

Gilby traded me one of his signature tshirts, and dyaln traded me some team canada shirts. I cant wait to be on team canada too, I’m not even canadan but dont tell…


those are sweet uni has almost sold.your check will soon be on the way.

young starving college students need their Wheaties by the way…

You may be right jagur, but thats why you get your parents to shell out for a meal plan, they have all sorts of good cerials at pitt… wheaties, Lucky Charms, co co puffs, cheerieos, if they only had boo berry I would be a happy man. But thats like 3.95 at the Geagle so I can deal.

I would concider a set of profiles with a spyder cut off or something as a fair trade though…

lookin foward

Sweet lookin foward to the shirt.