MUNI militia shirt


Where can i view the MUNI militia shirt ?
What is the best way to buy the MUNI militia shirt ?

Check in the forum listed as Muni Militia Shirt Came!

Well, your going to have to wait as only 20 were made and it may be awhile. My friend sean has a father whom does graphic designing all the time so i might let him copy me but to get one ask Mr. Nutz

Re: MUNI militia shirt

i’ll sell you mine for $20 bucks.

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Now that’s the Definitive Jagur! :wink:

Jagur, You havent even sent me the $10 I was asking for the shirt yet and your selling it for 20!?!..

And if that is Monneron Cedric from Swizz. I have already sent you a shirt. It should be there in a few weeks. But it takes a bit of time with standard shipping to get over to europe. The best way to pay me is either by check or money order. You can email me at for any further questions.

For everyone else that hasnt ordered a shirt and whould like one, I’m sorry but there were only 22 shirts printed and they have all been claimed.


I see a pack of Unicycle Delivery Boys persuing Jagur, saying “I want my $10* dollars!”


*Inflated from the 80’s

your 2 boxes of Wheaties are in the mail,and $20 bucks sure?why not…its a collectors item now :sunglasses: