Muni Militia Goes Airborn

Saturday, after breakind down the glider before flying it -'cus me instructor nixed the flight due to thermals- I rode the uni down 1360 ft of rock and scree to the LZ. My legs still ache -what a wimp.

The next day I made my first solo flight from the same spot wearing my Muni Militia T-shirt. Embued with the authority of me creed, the air parted before and my kite cut the air as bid, dipositing this militiaman with much stress and little effort, uninjured. The flight, with all it’s amazing expendature of potential energy, emphasized the power exerted on the ride of the day before.

Power in the weak is the culmination of many little efforts by the determined.


You havent seen the pix, I beat you to that this weekend

What time this week-end? Huuummm? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: