muni lines

Groans out loud…


It´s spelled TACO!

That’s pretty good. Are you the cartoonist?

no comprendo…


so is “Muni Lines” the name of the comic?
Ooh, ooh!
A collaborative comic book by unicyclists, for unicyclists!

…I’m really sorry, I just don’t get it.

When you bend/fold your rim like that then it is called “tacoed” because its in the shape of a taco.

LOL!!! Can we have more of this?

Thanks! Glad someone liked it. It is mostly thought as a public test of my slightly wry humour. I know the thing is kind of cryptic but as long as you are a fan of Italian food you should have no problem understanding it. I’ll try to have another one finished by Friday.

Italian food? isn’t it Mexican?

great cartoon :slight_smile:

Oh, I get it now.

Now it’s funny. :smiley:

Why didn’t I get that the first time?!

That is funny!

I seriously think we should get all the cartoonists on this site to collaborate and compile a book of unicycle cartoons.

Perhaps they could illustrate Mikefule’s book of unistories.