Muni, KH 2004 cranks

I’m wondering about the new KH cranks, when will they come, what sizes? I am thinking of buying a KH, and I am a bit afraid about the crank hitting problems. Does anyone know anything about this

Re: Muni, KH 2004 cranks

The new batch of KH unis at all have the 2004 KH cranks, which don’t have any protuberance at the anklebone.

I’ve ridden now for several months on these cranks, and haven’t had any problems with hitting my anklebones. For what it’s worth, they actually feel stiffer and stronger off drops than my Profiles do, and they’re not prone to creaking.

The 2004 KH20 also has about 10mm more tire clearance, which makes it easier to avoid hitting your foot on the tire when it’s on the fork crown.

Kris Holm.

Is these the ones they have at the ones with the reduced lump on the outside of the cranks as Roger said?

Yes, that’s right.