MUni is hazardous for Spectators

Be careful where you stand when you film someone doing MUni…

Holy S##T! Was the filmer ok? I see you were holding the lift handle, but totally lost your grip when it went out from under you like a watermelon seed! From the looks of it, the person with the camera needed a helmet more than you, lol! :astonished:

fortunately, he did have a helmet on and only suffered a small nick on his hand from my pedal spikes. It’s hard enough to find fellow riders, you would think I would treat them nicer! He was very good natured and laughed it off

Glad no one was hurt. I know how easy it is to lose control on the steep, slick and/or loose stuff, and it can and often does happen with little or no warning! And I much prefer to bail off the back onto my feet, pitching off the front, and possibly face planting! :frowning:

I got too wide and had to bailage was inevitable. The uni hit a rock outcropping in the trail and just launched. Probably would have been worse if I had bailed forward.

Whoa, that would hurt!

Things like that are why I hate it when kids get too close when I’m practicing in front of my house… They have no idea.
Last week I had to cut my session short 'cause this kid wouldn’t back it up a little.

That looks like it was premeditated… :astonished:

I’ve been there, more than a few times! It gets worse when you’re using a wide angle lens, or sitting near the baseline for unicycle basketball, etc. This shot is from the finals at Unicon XIV last summer:

Yes, I did duck when watching that, even though I knew it was coming!

I’m frequently putting myself (and my equipment) in harm’s way when shooting. I try to ensure I have a clear escape route, or have my feet in front of me to fend off any projectiles! So far, so good!

Holy Flying 29er!

Holy Flying 29er!

Yike, glad it wasn’t any worse than it was.