Muni is educational

I went for a Muni ride the other day with my brother, and I learned a lot!

  1. Wear gloves while riding trails. (I got a few thorns in my hand and now my palm is a few different colors)
  2. I suck at Muni with a 24". I got destroyed.
  3. I am even worse with 150mm cranks rather than 170s.
  4. Always wear a helmet when riding trails. I hit my head on a log, after falling one of the many times. I was wearing a helmet, fortunately.


Re: Muni is educational


i thought everyone said that you can’t do Muni with a trials cause the wheel is only 20". Isn’t it much easier on a 24"? Or perhaps you have a 29er, and were comparing the 24" to that? anyways, please elaborate on this so called being “destroyed” so as i may prevent it from happening to me when my kh24 comes.


You forgot 26". I like my 26" MUni for good rollover factor, a little better distance/speed, and it looks a little tougher, I think. :sunglasses:

I hit my head reasonably hard the other day too when I was attempting a really nice 7’ drop (pretty soft, sloping dirt landing and all…it’s a great one). I’m glad I was wearing a helmet.


i, of course, am the brother, and it was a great ride. it was my second “real” muni ride since december! we rode along a mountain bike trail within the James River Park System in Richmond, Virginia. it is a trail i have actually helped rebuild several times in recent years. the scenery is great. despite the fact smokestacks can be seen when there is a clearing, there is always a view of the river (james River, that is) and the vegetation is so grown out that usually concrete cannot be seen. the trail is considered very technical by moutain bikers but i would rate it an “moderate” trail on muni. it consists mostly of little ups and downs. Since it follows the river, there is no significant elevation change. the trickiest part is by far the inclines. many exceed a 100% incline, by my judgements. there are a few logs or streams to cross, so trials skills come in handy. we had a great time and i went again to finish that particular trail the next day. i only had two falls, one as a result of my pedal hitting an exposed rock, and the other i just had to bail during a tricky descent. john, on the other hand, was falling at every other descent, usually with a fair amount of air time and skidding involved.

overall it was a great time. i had always ridden muni with 150s but i tried a muni with 170s and i really liked it. so much more control and the unclines are infinitely easier. i am making the switch…

Re: Muni is educational

tennisgh22 wrote:
> i thought everyone said that you can’t do Muni with a trials cause the
> wheel is only 20".

The original Pashley Muni had a 20" wheel. I spent several years doing
Muni on a 20" DM, first because 10 years ago that’s what most people
used for Muni, but also because I couldn’t afford a second unicycle.

Muni is much easier on a 26", but it’s quite doable on a 20". A trials
unicycle, with a trials tyre, would probably be no problem at all.

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