MUNI International - Learn How To MUni

Do you want to learn how to improve your MUni skills from MUni International? Please comment or send us a message if you want to learn more! :grin:


Coming soon! Let us know what skills you would like to improve and the videos will be created! :grin:

MUNI: The MUni Instructional videos are being created, stay tuned! :grin:

The first MUNI International MUni instructional videos are up! Visit us on Gumroad to learn more! Contact us for suggestions, comments, and questions at! 😁

The screenshot says freemount, but gumroad says 10 $. :frowning_face:

Sure? I see 8.

Sure!!! But I see 8 now, too. Maybe corrected.

Yes there are four videos included, $2 each. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why do you ask money for the videos? We can just ask @UniQuest to spend a few of his free tutorials on municycling. And what do these videos tell more than the many videos on youtube?

Yes for sure. The reason they cost money is because I’m a starving college student hahaha. I can’t get a job now because of the current situation in Ireland (and because I’m an international student that’s unregistered with immigration because they are backed up until who knows when). So I’m doing what I can to earn at least something. But, hopefully the money issue on my end will be resolved soon and I’ll make these free. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Don’t apologise for wanting to make some money. If Setonix isn’t willing to pay for videos then he isn’t your target audience anyway :slight_smile:

The real question: when are we going to see Setonix’s free instructional video? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good job Cedar, You have every right to charge for a service rendered. It’s your time and energy you have put into this tutorial. Based on the number of inquiries on this forum and others for help on free mounting $10 is a bargain,. I’m Sure you will have plenty of willing customers. I just want to thank you for all of the free stuff you have been posting that entertains and informs all of us.

Just because it is online doesn’t mean it has to be free, everyone has to make a living, so why not do it by doing something you love.

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Too bad, I’m a bad teacher. :stuck_out_tongue:
Couldn’t teach my programming skills either. I’d just be bored to explain the basics or by the slowness of my students.
Besides there are many more unicyclists much more capable than me. I’m sure Cedar can teach me more than I her.

Ok, you got me, I paid the 8 euros even though I didn’t plan to. :wink:

EDIT: Sadly the videos don’t even play on my machine. Anyhow, it’s not a big deal as I know how to freemount anyway. It’s more like a donation…

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Aw thank you, I appreciate it :blush:

That’s so interesting why it won’t play, I will send you the videos. Gumroad should be working better haha. What’s your email address?

PM sent.

I guess my browser doesn’t support the video codec used. I’m sure I could install it but I’m to lazy to research things like this these days.

@Setonix Aww haha, there’s nothing wrong with charging people for your content.
I know how much work it takes to sit down and edit these videos and everything else that goes along with it! So keep it up @Cedar_Dobson1 , though, I would recommend putting a trailer or something somewhere so people know what to expect from your videos before they make a purchase?

Personally I won’t be making MUNI tutorial videos (so go for it yall haha) as my expertise is in Street/Flatland, so I’ll stick to making content regarding that- gonna stay in my lane :wink:


Good man Chris and thanks for your videos. I do not do flatland or trials but i enjoy watching you ride. you have the heart and soul of a teacher that is a rare talent, keep up the good work.

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