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my Falls City riding has stolen a little of the spot light from the 2 wheelers! cheers to every one who has done this,i know im not the first… start 15 minute timer :roll_eyes:

Cool video! For some reason I always thought Jagur was a nick name! What’s the origin of it?

Great job jagur!! That trail looked scary enough even before you got to the drop. You even made it look easy.


Nice footage…I especially like that last drop into the steep sidehill (and the overserver’s commentary).

Nice riding. We need a 3 or 4 minute video though. --chirokid–

Nice riding Jagur. Awesome shirt too.

yeah,id like to see all the clips too but its not my footage.Joe (the camera guy) is hoping to have the dvd of all local riders and events out by winter.

when that comes out well see what the out come is and take it from there.who knows i may get left on the cutting room floor.

Doubtful. Only fools risk offending the mountain gods.

Awsome riding!

Great stuff, I really liked the first bit of steep riding and dropping.



Looks like a lot of fun. You are obviously an accomplished rider. :sunglasses:

hey thanx,on that note let me say that im no longer a member of the 145 club because of the new trails up there.its just you and Rowan now :wink: i do miss them on the more cross country type trails but i felt the need for 160’s to push the envelope a little.

that extra 15mm feels like cheating on steep still never going up to 170mm like my first MUni.i hope that in the future (all the waaaay to the yearrrr two thousanddddd :smiley: Conan O’brian) Profile wont be the only one with the 160mm option.i hope KH cranks are eventually available in more sizes.i think he said he was working on that?

How could you! :slight_smile: Oh well, I too have to admit that 145’s without a brake is limiting in my opinion. But with a brake I still think it will be perfect for me. And I’ve got a brake waiting for me…I just need the money.


but even with a brake on the trails at Falls City there are spots that i cant even use my brake since im holding the handle so hard just to stay on,thats where the x-tra leverage comes a coaster brake. its hard to use the Magura when your bouncing all over and gravity is relentless.

(Poet of the year,sorry jjuggle)