MUNI in Wales in November

Hi, does anyone know of any nice easy trails I could ride my KH29 along around the Welsh coast? I’m planning to drive all around the coast for a couple of weeks in november and it’d be nice to find some scenic trails to ride. I have very little experience of off-roading though so am looking for something fairly flat with nice views!! Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Which bits of Wales will you be coming to?
If you’re going to be down south I’d be more than happy to show you some nice trails.
I ride a KH29 too.

Bring an umbrella.

Wow, what a great response! Thanks! I AM planning to start my trip in the south (sometime around the middle of november) then drive around the coast and eventually end up at my mate’s in west Yorkshire. It’d be great to ride with someone who knows the area. And yes, umbrella and plenty of warm clothes, I guess. Not sure if november’s really the best time to visit Wales!

If it’s flat and scenic you’re after then the Mumbles bike path at Swansea is a very nice five mile ride.
The Clyne Valley will take you away from the coast (it’s still nice and flat) and gives you the opportunity to try some off-road trails if you feel adventurous.
The Clyne Valley will also link you to the Millennium Coastal Path which runs from Llanelli to Pembrey Country Park. A nice five or six mile stretch with more opportunities for gentle off-road shenanigans at the end of it.

Check them out on googlemaps.

The only downside about the coastal runs is they can be very exposed and it can be a little windy at times.
That’s when you head to the forests.

Give us a nod when you’re about.

There’s a shorter route just from Dolgellau to Barmouth on the Mawddach Trail if a big loop is not your bag, or if you don’t want to ride on any roads.

Also near to some good proper muni trails
which are in a lovely forest. There are ‘family’ trails there which would be more beginner on 29er friendly.