Muni in Tuscany

This is my first video after 2 years of riding…
I hope you can see the video from your country…
Kh 24 disk brake and GoPro Hero 3+

Don’t forget to turn up the volume!!!

Ma sei italiano?

The wink in the beginning was hilarious. :slight_smile: Right on time with the music. Bravo!

Thank you!! yes Nic, sono Italiano :slight_smile:

Nice! Looks like a wonderful place to ride. That’s an interesting helmet, looks really well ventilated. Is it all high density foam?

It is a Casco Viper Mx. I Like very much this kind of helmet… It allows you to stay really fresh, it is very well vented and seems enough strong and sturdy. You can also quickly remove the chin guard… Awesome!

Here’s a link of the product:

Very cool. Also very expensive to get in USA! :frowning:

Cool video!

P.S. What part of Tuscany are you from? I’m just curious since I live in Tuscany too. :slight_smile:

I’m from Livorno!!
PM sent!