MUni in Tokai Forest, Cape Town

First really public posting of a MUni video. Taken in Tokai Forest, Cape Town South Africa, on a really awesome early summer morning on one of the few good weather days over the last few months.

Hope you enjoy… :slight_smile:

Whoa Johnny! I want to travel there asap and ride that trail with you guys! Were those Monkeys at the beginning wild? Are there Lions or other wild animals on those trails to be worried about? Looks so fun though! I want to visit!:smiley:

There are plenty of wild Baboons in Tokai Forest and around the Cape Peninsula. They are pretty common across a lot of Southern Africa. There are no Lions on the trails :slight_smile: although when riding in the forest a tree may jump out at you :smiley:

Open invitation to visit and ride some our awesome trails with us !! :slight_smile: hope you make the trip out to sunny South Africa to enjoy our country side and great Wine.

Great vid Brent!!!, Loved the fall at the end!!! :astonished:

Yeah man!! I can’t wait for the Emew MUni weekend in November, by that time Im gona be sick of 36" training and since the race would be over then the sponsors won’t mind if I break a bone or two!!:smiley:

Hey you should post an invitation/whatever for anybody interested, then we can make awesome vid’s!!!

Looks really fun! I wish I could come out there! My favorite part was around 4:44 where you could see the mountains in the background. Painful looking falls, though!

Sounds so awesome! If I were to travel, I would put this at the top of my must do list!:smiley:

Whooooo … stump rollin’!!! Mighty huge trees and logs. Gotta be a blast to ride. Fun watching…
Yeah I want to come down and ride as well!
By the way, I do ever so love a fall!
I do have a friend from here working in SA in Zip-Zap Circus
Maybe sometime.
Film more!!!

The trails are awesome, and the bails always happen… well for me anyway :slight_smile: Feeling a bit battered today, went out to the Forest yesterday and ended taking a few hard falls. But I’m up and about and heading out there again tomorrow after resting up today :smiley:

The Zip-Zap Circus is great. They do a lot for the local communities, and teach underpriviledged kids the circus arts. Really love what they are doing.

So looking forward to the MUNi weekend in November :smiley: 3 days of full-on MUni is going to ROCK !!

Nice video guys.
I want to get out and make some Muni videos. When we ride we normally have so much fun we forget to film!


Great work Brent! So nice to have good weather after a very long and wet winter. Ethan took a nasty looking bail, but seems okay. can’t beleive he has only been riding for 4 or so months!

We need to organise an adapter to charge the camera batteries from the 12volt in the car - there is will be no electricity at EMEW.

Ethan has taken a few nasty bails, but bounces back pretty well from them all. He is doing damn well for only riding Uni for 5 months, and has effortlessly sailed over things I struggled with. Must be the exhuberance of youth :smiley:

Good idea about the charger, we need to make sure the video cameras stay charged up to capture all the action from EMEW :slight_smile:

Cool to see monkeys in a muni video. I wonder what they think about unicycles?

cool is the word! I’m French and the first time I went there, I’ve really been amazed by them:)
What do they think about us?..I don’t know, will ask them next time