Muni in the snow video

Check it out!!!

Nice vid. I like the voiceover at the beginning.

When’s the muni frontflip coming out?

Cool video.

I had to pause the video to see what schwalbe tire it was, muddy mary it looks like, 26x2.5 i gather?

Excellent video! Riding was awesome, especially in the snow! :astonished: Filming and editing were top notch too:D

I want more!

ps. Does Ken ride a 26er now? All the awesome riders use them now it seems…

Soon…we’ve been meeting a couple times a week for the past month. But that’s pretty much all we can do right now. The snow is pretty much gone but the trails aren’t quite perfect for shooting yet. We didn’t get all our shooting done before the snow came last winter. So we need to stock up on a bit more before we’ll have enough for a film.


so does this mean kens sponsored by Schwalbe now?

Love the video! I love the style of Kenys muni.