MUni in the news.

This weekend the Portland Press Herald here in Maine ran an article about muni and a local circus club that cranks out young uni riders. KCtheAce and his brother are featured along with Jon Foss.

wow thats really neat. congrats to kaycee and brian on that. good job guys!

and as a side note- how do you seek media attention- do you ask for it?)

Yes, my brother posted it but I think you had to become a member to see it so not many people looked at it.

The person who runs our children’s circus group told the outdoor writer about us or something like that.

Nice article!
It makes me wish someone showed me unicycle when I was 9 or 12yr. :roll_eyes:

I hear ya, I’m 32 and feel like I missed the boat!! I’m playing catch-up big time…