MUni in the mountains of Tirol

this is our new video from the mountains in Tirol.
enjoy it

there are some nice gaps i also liked the gliding on the tree trunk!

in my opinion there is too much other styles in this video for naming it “muni in the …”

Nice riding:) Looks like you guys had fun.

At the end, w/ the seat drop did you fall off or was he hanging there to show how high the rock was?

Some recomendations for your next vid.

–The title should have been something like “Trials in the Mountains of Tirol”.

–Some of the shots should have been filmed from closer up, especially the ones for the first minute.

–The music was kind of odd, definately different, but not bad IMO.

–Better song sequencing, eg. one song ends w/ a shot, then a new shot and a new song.

–Begining and ending credits: What were the names of the riders, and who was who. Who did the filming, editing? What were the names of the songs and who played them?