Muni... in the dark... when it's snowing

An absolutely fantastic ride tonight!

I met up with the three mountain bikey people I know around here for an evening of hurling ourselves down hills on such devices as bikes (two wheels), munis (one wheel) and sledges (no wheels at all). Strangely enough for the UK there was a decent quantity of snow around; I’d been told it doesn’t snow much down south, but this was great!

Yeovil has a fairly small but very steep hill near the centre, which was excellent fun irrespective of how many wheels you’re on. I’ve never done proper muni in the snow before, but this was so hairy it was great fun… skidding a lot of the way, bouncing over bumps the rest, and rolling out of control the rest of the time, unable to slow down because of the lack of grip.

Needless to say many UPDs were in evidence, from all contraptions; the snow makes it obvious you can fly some serious distance when coming unglued at high speeds, especially on a bike.

After that we went for a ride through the country park, also close to the town centre; less falling off, but the ride was magic. Untouched snow all over, almost perfect silence except the whizzing of freewheels and the cracking of twigs, and a good variety of strenuous but short uphills and fast but not too scary downhills.

I’ll have a decent bruise collection in the morning, but it was definitely worth it…


I concur! Snow is awesome, and I would describe my little adventure after work in similar terms to yours. I didn’t have long, and only did one full flying upd, after a 50-100m ride gettign faster and faster, hanging on for dear life on a snow covered field. At some point between leaving the unicycle and coming to a stop upside down in the snow there was a distant sound or merriement, as I was (previously unawares) being watched by a bunch of sledgers. They weren’t having nearly such fun though :D. Snow seems to make everything soft enough to roll and crash onto, which is handy, as it makes you do so more often too.

Wee, snow!

  • Sam

Snow can also cover in a thin layer what you dont want to be crashing into.

that sounds amazing!

i’m jealous :slight_smile: if i ever come to somerset i’m joining in!

ahh snow, the inly type of weather you can throw at people

I also had a great evening last night, well more specifically the early hours of this morning. After imbibing perhaps a few too many jack and cokes left the bar to join in a snowball fight going on in the car park opposite the bar I’d been in. However I don’t reccomend being the only unicyclist in a snowball fight, especially if you happen to be a drunken unicyclist. the snowball fight became an exhibition of vicious persecution with everyone deciding it would be jolly funny to see how many times they could pelt me. I was having enough trouble trying to stay on the thing in the snow without the added hassle of snowball avoidance. The other downside of being on a uni in a snowball fight is the difficulty of making snowballs to return fire with, as unlees you happen to be near a raised object with snow on it, it’s pretty tricky to supply yourself with ammo. In the end I had to cower using my unicycle as a shield, if a slightly ineffective one. Ahh well, twas all fun and groovy and much revenge was had once I realised I’d do better if I dismounted and returned fire. I had another incident with snow today in my unicycle. I was riding to the supermarket to get some aspirin to try and subdue the hangover the size of Madagascar, and when I reached the school near the supermarket all the kids were having snowball fights from each side of the road, with the road being no man’s land. I gave a cheery holler of cease fire as I rode past, not wanting to get a snowball in my already very sore head. However, twas to no avail…Snowballs aplenty came flying at me and were thudding the wall next to me. So there I was, hungover trying not to slip on the compacted snow and a good dozen or so testosterone filled schoolboys hurling snow at me. Anyway, thanks to it being a private school, and the kids there all being fairly inbred their aim was a bit off, so managed not to get hit. Anyway, on the way back from the supermarket I pass the school again. A solitary snowball comes flying towards me followed by a shout, I turned around to see what the shouting was about, and it was a teacher from the school reprimanding the kid who’d hefted the snowball at me. So I dismounted and wandered over to the Kids getting a bollocking and through the fence gave them all dirty looks and laughed at their misfortune. Twas a small victory, but in my hungover state quite a satisfying one, as I was in no fit state to gain revenge by returning fire. Anyway, that’s my snowy unicycle adventures, what fun they’ve been.
Out of interest, does anyone have, or know of anyone who has a unicycle with snow chains?
bye, enjoy the snow.

Re: Muni… in the dark… when it’s snowing

MrBoogiejuice wondered:
> Out of interest, does anyone have, or know of anyone who has a
> unicycle with snow chains?


Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
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Great! today we’ve built a jump in the snow and we’ve jumped with snowboard, muni, bob, and everything that can slide on the snow.
Then riding in the snow…in the night…!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: