MUNI in the Appalacians

Very fun ride down “Black Rock Mountain” in North Carolina. Please let me know what you think.
Hope you enjoy!


You guys have a different kind of mountains on the east coast. I’m not saying they’re not beautiful or great places to ride, but for a westerner, when we think of mountains we assume they’re capped with snow even in the summer and that climbing them is somewhat of an expedition.

Yeah, I plan to ride some of the mountains over on the west coast sometime!, but i haven’t had the chance to do so. I actually live in the mid west, so the mountains there are bigger than I’m used to.

Nice work CJMuni! I thought it daring of you to ride without at least some knee protection there. You don’t need to go out west to ride great terrain, but it’d still be fun.

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Thanks pstrick! I do ride with knee protection if the terrain is much more rocky, but this trail was relatively mild. Thanks for you comment!

Nice video, I’m always fascinated when I watch this type of filming. Do you have an assistant? or are you setting up your camera, riding past it then going back to retrieve it and doing it all over again? It looked like really enjoyable ride out in the woods.

Thanks Bug72, I did have an assistant to help film that ride.

Honestly, they’re not really the kind of place that you ever would ride. A few extreme skiers and mountain climbers actually go up there, but to us they’re what we’re thinking of when we hear of mountains. It’s just a cultural divide.