MUni in Switzerland

This is a few hours from Unicon but it might be worth the trek :astonished:

Might be worth the trek? Jeez, that looks sensational. Maybe not too technical judging by the groomed look of that path, but what a view!

Gotta go for that one.


Where in Switz. is that trail? It’s like the scary side of Moab’s Poison Spider Mesa ride, only more so.

Water… check
Malt loaf… check
Puncture repair kit… check
Parachute… dammit, I knew I forgot something!


Here’s a road version of that - “Stelvio”, I believe.

It is Stelvio. Here’s another picture off the internet.

How is Ryan Atkins going to changes shoes as they melt through gliding down that thing?

real men do it barefoot.

painfull :smiley:

In that case, how is he going to get surgions to transplant new feet on his legs while he’s gliding?

The Stelvio Pass: the king of the Alpes

I’ve done this pass on my bke in 2004. Each year there is a special day in September, when no cars are allowed on the pass road, see
On this day several thousand b
kers climb that pass. It’s definetely a must go. The stelvio is often referred to as the Mekka of the bycyclists or as the king of the Alpes. This year the happening takes place on 2nd of September, which is just a month after UNICON.

I combined this pass in 2004 directly with the Umbrail pass, which goes back to Switzerland (the Stelvio is part of Italy) and then through the valley of Mustair to the starting point of the tour in Prad.

The round trip is somewhere between 60 and 80km, I don’t remember it properly. For a fit person it could be done in a day on a Coker or maybe a 28" would be better because it is lighter.

You’re climbing nearly 2000m in one go when starting in Prad, see

The scenery when climbing the Stelvio from the Prad side is fantastic, I liked especially the view on the glacier in the top part of the pass. The endless curves up there …

Franz … Webmaster

Real men coast.

Nuff said!

I coasted down the other side … but wait, I was on my bike.
Does it still count? Am I now a real man?:smiley:

Real men doesn’t use a spare wheel. :wink:

Back to to thread theme … MUni in Switzerland. Here is a nice site for you that contains MUni routes in the bernese oberland, which is about an hour’s drive away from Langenthal (UNICON XIII base camp, so to say)