Muni in South Africa

We had a wonderful Muni weekend at Grabouw, near Cape Town, about 2 weeks ago.

Here is a nice vid of 11 unicyclists having fun.

Thanks to Ruan,DeWet and who I think made and did the editing, and Justin for his camera work.
Keep in mind - al video was filmed either from a stationary position or from someone on a Uni.
Here is the link:

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Looks like everyone was having fun! That definitely came over in the video.

The UPDs were very entertaining as well. It was nice to see the successful downhills followed by the “practice” sessions. :wink:

Good video.

I have a quick question - what were the Munis that were being ridden and their wheel sizes?

Glad you enjoyed it. We certainly had a great time!

There were Qu-ax muni, Qu-ax cross and KH 24’s, and there was 1 Koxx-1 26inch trackmonster. I ride a qu-ax muni, but am seriously interested in the trackmonster. but there are plenty 24 vs 26inch threads:)

That looks pretty fun. Good to see an interesting looking muni video, and looks like a nice place to ride.

Was all the moving footage off unicycles? There was a bit through the woods that looked pretty crazy to be riding off the side of the trail, and one bit filming from in front of a rider must have been fun to film. Did the camera get dropped much? It’d must be way cool to have someone that good at filming come along on a ride.

Nice music by the way.


I think most of the moving footage was filmed on uni by Ruan (riding the 26 inch trackmonster). He rides really smoothly with the camera at any speed. the shot in front of the rider was interesting - Ruans face was nearly touching the ground, but he still rode fast and smooth. Many of us want to be like him:p

I don’t think the camera was dropped at all. I don’t even remember any “close calls”.

Very Cool

Very cool Video! Nicely done and some good riding to boot!

I am surprised that you were able to get so many riders together at once in South Africa! I have yet to get more than 5 muni riders together here in Israel. How many ard core muni riders do you have in the Cape Town area?

I was in Cape Town and the surrounding area 5 years ago and absolutely loved it!


Our group in Cape Town is growing … slowly … but getting there. For the EMEW event some guys came down from Johannesburg and Pretoria. The weekend was absolutely awesome, and was great riding with other people as well.

As for the guys in Cape Town, we mostly ride MUni. The is some interest in Trials with WOFT being the best at trials in CT, then again he is also the best at MUni :slight_smile:

Check out our website which has it’s own forum on which we use to arrange rides etc… :smiley:

South African Website

I check out your website every once in a while.( I have it bookmarked.) Lovely site, I especkally like the picture gallery the design is great!