Muni in Santa Barbara, CA

Last weekend, we were down in Santa Barbara which is about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. We had arranged to meet up with Scot Cooper and a couple of the local riders with whom we’ve ridden before. Hans Van Koppen organized a great ride: 3 miles or so up a fireroad, with many beautiful ocean views, a little over 1000’ of climbing. The descent was via a steep technical singletrack trail deep in Romero Canyon. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time.

My photos from 11/28/2003 are here
Santa Barbara Unicycle Club Photos

Let me know if you’re interested in another similar ride there on Jan 17, 2004 - if you’re in the area, you’ll love it. The trails are fantastic!


Nice shots Nathan…that looks like a fun ride. I also checked out the ones you posted from Sedona…maybe it’s my desert rat background, but I liked those even more. Riding there is now on my short list of things to do…I just need to build up enough stress at work that I can justify it as a psychological recovery.

Plus I’m jealous…I’ve been working super hard to expand my juggling repetoire, and all of a sudden you come along and introduce the concept of juggling “vortex rocks”. Up until then, I thought I was kind of cool being able to do clubs, rings, and cigar boxes. :sunglasses:

Photo 9: Wow! A gutsy kid!

That looks like such a fun trail. The ride down has to be fun. That’s the kind of trail I like.

I’m jealous. It’s the rainy yucky season in Seattle right now. Not much muni going on for me. I took the Coker out for ride yesterday during a wind storm. I just put on a new handlebar setup on my Coker and I needed to give it a test ride. Who cares about a little bit of wind and rain. There were downed branches all over the bike path, cars being detoured around blocked roads, utility crews very busy clearing roads and fixing power lines. Freemounting the Coker is much more difficult in gusting winds. But I got to ride so it was all good and I got to try out my new handlebar setup.

If Santa Barbara was within a days drive for me I’d be down there in a heartbeat to go riding.

I could be in Santa Barbera…

Now that my ankle’s finally healed from Cal Muni Weekend.

Come on John…I’ve done Santa Barbara to Everett/Seattle in 18.5 hrs. That’s a days drive right? :slight_smile:

We get Alaska Airlines into Santa Barbara airport now too.


Yup. Notice how his wheel doesn’t even break the surface of the water. Us “ordinary” riders have to risk getting wet!

Re: Muni in Santa Barbara, CA

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>If Santa Barbara was within a days drive for me I’d be down there in a
>heartbeat to go riding.

One heartbeat per day? See a doctor.

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