Muni in San Antonio tomorrow

I know it is short notice but a group ride has just been put together for tommorow, Sat Jan. 31 at 1:00 pm in OP Schnabel park in San Antonio. It looks like between 5 and 7 unicyclists from S.A. and Austin will be there. Still waiting to hear back from others. Also some interested mountainbikers plan to show, and a couple of the unicyclists are new so we will spend some time helping them. It should be fun. Anyone who can make it please come. The weather is too nice not to ride.
If anyone needs more info, post here or you can call me on my cell (210)273-8168 which I will have with me on the ride so you can call to meet up if you are late or lost.

Scott Wallis

The date will be Sat Feb 1st
This is gonna’ be so cool!
I can’t wait to meet some other uni riders!!!

Ill be there,
Its gonna be a blast!

Im just bumping this on top one more time.
Any takers?

Thanks for correcting the date Kenny.
We have 6 confirmed riders. Maybe more will drop in.

It will be fun, but the Columbia shuttle disaster is going to be hard to not think about. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the astronauts.
I appreciate the valuable service they provide.

Scott Wallis

I’m with ya’ brother

Scott, Eric,John, Doug and Scott, it was great meeting ya’ll and thanks for the tips. I’m gonna’ start practicing my mounts first thing tommorrow!
Y’all are a great group and AWESOME riders! I can’t wait to get this uni thing goin’ and show ya’ll the trails in “my backyard”