MUni in Reston-Mclean, VA area

Are there any MUni riders in the Reston-Mclean area in Northern VA?

ooooooh, I used to live in Reston! but I don’t anymore. sorry.


I am close to reston, I live and work in chantilly. Where in reston do you live? Last saturday I went riding in reston on the W&OD trail.

The company I work for is headquartered in Reston. I am in the area this week. Do you want to MUni Tuesday or Wednesday evening? I can usually get away by 6 PM or a little before if needed.

Yesterday I found a trail right in town starting at the ice skating rink / stadium. I know there are others.

I guess i am posting a little too late, but either way i dont know if i could ride during the week, i work till about 530 then i bike home. I was hoping that there was a uni rider new to the area.