Muni in Palos Vedes, CA

I’m looking for riding buddies, from newbies to riders of any skill level, to ride with in the Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles county. Currently, there are no active Muni-ers in my area; at least none that I know of yet.

The very popular Portuguese bend trail is great as either an out & back or a shuttle, and is suitable for just about any skill level. It’s moderately technical singletrack is just perfect for Muni. It’s so popular that it draws mtb’rs from hundreds of miles away!

I ride this trail at least 3 days per week, usually in the late afternoon when it’s the most cool and I have the trail pretty much to myself. It’s has magnificent views of Catalina, and the ocean breeze makes this trail a pleasure.

So, if you live in the LA area, are visiting, or plan to sometime, PM me so we can arrange a ride together…you’ll LOVE it!:smiley:

Here’s some stats on the trail: