Muni in Palo Alto area this Saturday

Going to be in Menlo Park this week end and would like to Muni Saturday. Any locals know of good trails, medium technical? Anyone like to ride?

It’s a bit of a drive from Palo Alto, but you might be interested in Ales and Trails at China Camp State Park in Marin. We’ll have a contingent from Berkeley there. China Camp is only lightly technical; most of it is 29er/Coker MUni (but it’s wide singletrack, not fire road–quite fun riding).

And there’s beer!

I’m going to probably skip Ales and Trails as I need to do some longer distance riding.

I’ll be riding muni…but very fast. I’ll probably do the same thing I did last saturday, but add 5-10 miles. I’ll be riding from my house to Soquel Demo Forest (15 miles), riding the trails (15 miles), and then riding home (15 miles).

Soquel demo is a great place; lots of trails. I’d be happy to meet you at the trail head to show you around. Details at the CMW page 2007, Saturday. It’s also probably an hour’s drive from Menlo Park.


Tom, how long of a ride are you guys planning on? And that’s Saturday and not the usual Sunday?

The typical China Camp loop is about 10 miles, and it’s definitely Saturday.

What time are you starting the Marin ride. Would it be an hours drive from Palo Alto? It’s always fun in a group. Wait, there’s beer! Gotta be there. How many unis are expected and should I bring a KH24 or Coker?

Generally, China Camp is better Coker territory, but it’s also fine on MUni, just not super challenging. The best feature is a 3 mile uninterrupted gradual swoopy downhill on lightly technical singletrack; super fun on a big wheel.

About an hour sounds right for the drive. I don’t know how many will be there; people are whining about having to pay admission. (But admission gets you BBQ and beer).

As it turns out, I’m going to be busy all day the next two Saturdays, so I won’t be there:(

Has anyone Muni’ed in the Corte Madrera/Skeggs Reserve? Looks kinda cool on line. And close to Palo Alto.

FWIW, I biked there years ago, and I remember it starting with a significant descent that I had to climb back out of. And I don’t remember it being particularly technical, which is pretty typical of a lot of Bay Area trails. But if you just want to get some exercise and ride in the woods, it’s probably good.

If you want more technical, the closest places I know of are in the Oakland hills or near Santa Cruz, like Soquel Demo Forest.

We also have a technical MUni ride planned for the East Bay on Sunday, if you’re more into that.