Muni in Ottawa-Gatineau Canada

Hey there. Snow’s mostly gone… time to ride some trails around Ottawa - Gatineau, Canada. I can’t do hardcore drops or serious rock gardens, but have done ski hills and mixed terrain. Anyone up for it, shoot me a PM.

If you’re on Facebook check out the Ottawa Unicyclist group… saddly there’s only like 2 active members, this including me haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Found it!

It says 48 members.
Edit: What happened to them all?!

Don’t know… maybe they moved. I was out on the South March Highlands mountain bike trails today. I was the only uni. So, maybe we can generate some momentum… there’s at least three of us, so I’m in… even though Jakob F rides waaayyy beyond my level.

Oh, well. And I’m just getting back into the game after injuring my ankle ligaments in non-uni activity. Spent Saturday uni-ing, slacklining, and frisbeeing around Bate Island.
And this afternoon, driving on Walkley I did a U-turn and pulled over next to a guy riding a 20" he just bought and learned to ride this week. His gf seemed surprised to see another unicyclist drop in out of the blue! I told him about this group and expect he’ll sign up. We got another one!

How about a ride next sunday? :slight_smile: Gatineau park ou South March is good. I’ve ridden south march only a few times but I’d be willing to see what it looks like again! :slight_smile:

I’ll check out the Ottawa Unicyclist Group on FB and see what I can do to make it look like we actually exist haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! BurnerDave you did indeed find me on the side of the road and my girlfriend was incredibly shocked. She was convinced I was a lone unicycling mad man before and now she just thinks it’s mass hysteria… Can’t blame me for drinking the unicycle kool-aid.

I’m working on my street cycling and once I build up some endurance I’ll come ride with you guys and hopefully learn some new stuff - I’m hoping we can organize something regular - it’s still such a blast for me seeing the look of shock and awe as I zip past the muggles.

Woo-Hoo! Welcome, Mike! I loved that ‘wtf’ expression on her face when I opened the trunk with the 2 unis in it!

I can’t do a group ride until I get back in shape, so in the meantime I just mix slacklining and do uni laps over at Bate Island. Lucky me, I’m retired now so I can go during the weekdays when there’s lotsa elbow room!