MUni in Motion!

I removed the original 1:30 sec vocal intro, added different music, so it’s 100% all uni-cable-cam, all the time!

For those who may not have seen this type of filming yet–Or maybe didn’t want to sit through the 90 sec. vocal intro of the previous video–it’s some of my favorite “Uni-Cable-Cam” clips from the past 8 months. 100% solo set up and filming, and the entire rig, including 150 feet of line, all fits in my back pack!

definitely the best muni vid i’ve EVER seen
great music, great flow
great work!

Not only a great unicyclist but a pioneer in filming technique.MuniAddict I salute you.


Sweet Terry … you really put your heart and gut into this sport/art!!!

This is awesome. The filming looks really professional. Sweet.

Thank you all for those really nice comments, I appreciate it so much! :slight_smile:

nice riding, that lynx trail looks fun

This is a real cool way of filming, I would love to rig one in a skate park. I have had someone follow me on a board before and film but this is way smoother! Nice one

That was really cool. I would have removed a few clips that were too much shaky, but it’s still awesome.

Very impressive vid, Terry! I think this is one of your best vids so far :D!

I appreciate all the comments guys! :slight_smile:

Phenomenal! Those are a bunch of really smooth and good clips. My favourite was the clip at 1:20. I’d love to see more technical closeups of the wheel. :slight_smile:

Great filming and editing. I’m not crazy about the music, but its still one of your best videos despite that.

At 1:37 you rolling hop off a ledge. I like the angle, but it would look cooler if you did a twisty or a half rotation. If you line up your cranks wrong foot on take off, its fairly natural to do a half rotation for the landing.

Theres a time lapse video of Vancouver that I’m guessing uses some cable cameras. But they must have them on a very slow motor, taking stills.

Nice touch at the end terry. Your last video is still my favorite of yours though. :slight_smile:

For as few of your videos that I actually see Terry, I seem to like every single one of them.
Its awesome to see the things you do.
This cable-cam is an amazing idea. It is the smoothest moving camara filming I think I have ever seen in action sports. I hope you keep innovating and making it better.
Like on the video phthoruth showed, there had to be motorized cable cams, that would be awesome for some of your videos.
Either way, awesome job, thanks for everything you do.

Thanks again everyone for all the great comments! It really makes me feel that all the time and effort that went into it was truly worth while. :slight_smile: