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i am planning on taking a trip to Le Paz Mexico near baja this summer and want to bring my muni. has anyone had experience with riding muni in mexico. i searched for books on MTBing mexico and the only thing that came up was an outdated book form the 80’s. as well the forums here only mention a little about Kris Hold and Nathan Hover riding in mexico.

im thinking if this trip works out i would love to have a group of uniriders go down there again.

anyone taken a muni or coker to mexico? what was it like?

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>anyone taken a muni or coker to mexico? what was it like?

At least Kris and Nathan did, they rode on Orizaba (I think it is a
volcano) and made a film of it called Unizaba.

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That sounds like a really cool trip. You could PM Nathan and ask how it went. I haven’t seen him posting in a while.

Here’s Nathans Website

Everyone knows Kris’s website, but in case you don’t:


p/s I recommed Unizaba as well (available in “One Tired Guy”). I rate it the second best Unicycle film ever, just behind “Into the Thunder Dragon”.

i thought we were riding our unicycles TO mexico! :slight_smile:
hahaha. it’s only a cross country trip! if we started next week we’ll get there by june i’m sure! but you’ll have to slow down. i only have a 20" right now :slight_smile:

okay. but really.
i want to ride through a white sandy beach.
is there anything inherently wrong with riding a unicycle through sand and salt-water?

idonno maybe… RUST?

My tickets are booked my villa is rented and i’m almost packed i leave in one week to Le Paz Mexico for one week! i still need to pack a unicycle… decisions decisions! i have it narowed down to either my Robust but very heavy Bedford24x3 Muni with 170mm cranks or my new (not as robust) 29er with a big apple and either 127mm cranks or 105mm cranks.

i have not gotten the clearest indication of what any of the terrain is like there since i have never been but it seems like either will do. my fiance wants me to bring the Muni, i suspect so she can ride it.

any thoughts? any advice?

I would go with the 29er if I didn’t know what kind of riding to expect. This will get you further in the same amount of riding time, and will still be fun on dirt, while being much better on pavement.

What’s wrong with a 20" on the beach? Of course there’s the sand and salt, which are both bad for the uni. So you wash it off afterward. But fine beach sand can be really hard to ride on. The packed wet stuff, just above the surf, is much easier than the dry stuff. You want as wide a tire as possible, then to ride in as straight a line as possible.

Traveling to Mexico with unicycles is no different than traveling to most places I guess. Kris and I brought 24" Munis there on our trip in 2001. Nothing special. Just take off the pedals, put in the unicycle bag, and go. In January 2005 I flew to Cancun Mexico with a 29er and continued on to a destination in the Carribean - no problems at all. When I arrived back in Mexico the customs guys asked what was in the funny shaped bag and I told him in Spanish that it is a unicycle. No problem at all.

So what unicycle to take?

Muni: great if it’s hilly and you plan to do some real offroad riding.

Coker: Large and harder to handle, both travelling by air and navigating in difficult traffic. Great if you are doing long distance touring. Not good at all for giving locals a try.

20" freestyle: Easiest to transport and good for showing locals tricks but limited use as transportation.

20" trials: Easy to transport and great for showing locals tricks and letting them have a try. Not much use at all for getting around except for very short distances.

29er: My choice for general trips to anywhere. Use 125mm cranks and you can climb steep cobblestoned streets but still cruise semi-long distances. Locals will always want to see tricks which are harder on shortish cranks, but just wheel walk and ride one-footed or something.

Ken - my website moved to On it you can see lots of photos and many are of unicycling on trips to various places.

Have a great time in Mexico - an awesome place.


Unicycling etc photos from Jan 2005 trip

thank you so much John and Nathan! i have been looking up information of guided MTB tours through the Baja, some are really cheap and some are a little bit out of my price range, then agian those come with lots of meals a support truck and a full suspension XC B*ke.

i am going to do a little more research oh what the riding is like over there. i thought if i bring the Muni i also have a fireball tire i have not used in a while i could pack it along.

though i’m leaning pretty heavly on the 29er and picking up an off road tire before i leave.

hey Nathan! how do you say in spanish “it is a unicycle!”

i assume checking it as sports equipment made it pretty safe? i am borrowing a Roach Unicycle Travel bag from Jeff Groves.

Find out why your fiancee wants the 24" and weigh those reasons very heavily.

The 29er might be able to keep up with a rented bicycle for bopping around. In that case, you’d want a fattish road tire like a Big Apple.

Es un unicycle!

Unicycle is not a word that all translation websites seem to know. The Spanish word I’ve always used for unicycle is monociclo. See How do you say unicycle in different languages.

Hola, Senor Customs Agent. Que es esto? Es un monociclo.

Or something along those lines. With a big smile.