MUni in Iraq

Hey guys, just asking your opinion. I’m currently in Iraq, looking for a way to get around faster than walking and I figure I might as well get a uni. I have a Torker CX? 20" back at home and I can ride fairly well, only had it about 6 months before I came over here. I’m looking for something to get me to and from my headquarters here, it’s about a half mile ride. The terrain is mostly gavel and dirt, but there are some pretty big rocks mixed in.

I’m thinking about a Nimbus 26" MUni, I won’t be using it for MUni here but probably will when I get back to Hawaii. Thinking 137/165 KH crank but not sure if I should just get a 150 instead. Been reading the forums a lot and trying to figure out a crank size but most everything is either road cruising or MUni riding, and I won’t really be doing either, for at least 7 months. When I get back to Hawaii I’m definitely going to get a 36", just sounds like way too much fun.

Do you think the 26" will be good here or I should I go 24" or 29"? And any crank size recommendations would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance

If your going to get a 36 when you get back to hawaii then i’d suggest you get a 26" muni with 150mm cranks (i’d even suggest the dual hole 125/150 moment ones). If the 26 is a bit to slow for you once you get the trails dialled in then you can always go to the shorter length for more speed.


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Do you want to avoid the hassle of transporting a 36" unicycle twice? If that doesn’t bother you, the terrain you describe would probably be fine for a 36". The tires are already 2.25" wide and quite stable on gravel.

If you’re sure you want the MUni, a 26" is quite a bit heavier without having a significant increase in wheel circumference to a 24" so not much speed gain. The 24" is much more popular so parts selection is better, too.

I know 3 people who own 26" MUni’s and what I see is them riding their 24’s.

Thanks for looking out for our interests and have a happy and safe upcoming Veterans’ Day.

I am using a 26" with a 2.5 Hookworm tire for longish (~9 miles) rides on bike paths. I’ve been told that a 36" uni can be quite a learning curve if you only ever rode a 20". I started unicycling earlier this year and while I am planning to get a 36er for the next season my 26" works perfectly in terms of speed/difficulty to mount and control. I have dual 150/125 cranks and I am learning to ride it on 125mm. Riding it with 150mm cranks was not much different from a 20". It even feels more stable.

Half a mile seems to be too short of a distance for a 36er. If you want to do muni eventually I would recommend the same setup I have, if you want it mostly for commuting, UDC has a 29" Nimbus on sale right now. It should be perfect for what you described. It is also almost three times cheaper than a 36er.

Thanks for the tips guys, I would get a 36" here but shipping it back would be too big of a pain I think, a 26" I can fit in one of the boxes we use to ship stuff back, but a 36" I’m not sure how I’d do it.

I’m definitely going to get into MUni when I get back, some pretty sweet trails in Hawaii. UDC is sold out of 125/150’s atm, so probably just gonna go with a 150 for now and see if I want something a bit smaller later. Going to be ordering it today I hope. I’ll post pics at some point of me riding in full gear with my M4 in my hands…hah

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Ordered my MUni today from, they even gave me free shipping to Iraq. Not sure what the price would’ve been but something ridiculous for sure. Great people over there, couldn’t have hoped for better. I’ll be riding again shortly!

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