Muni in Houston?...

I am going to Houston in February for a couple of weeks. Anyone knows some decent trails for muni so I can get out of my hotel room during the week-end?
I know it is mostly flat, but I heard Memorial Park can be fun for mountain-biking.

Anyway, if you have any tips that would make it worthwile for me to bring my muni, let me know.



i’m only familiar with the ant hills. see here. the off road trails are on the south side of the bayou. stick to the lower part along the water and it can be challenging.

There’s this place called terry hershey park in west houston.

It’s got a paved side for muggles and an unpaved on the other side of the bayou that is heaven for crazy unicycle folk and not flat at all. Used a lot by mountain bikers.
I recommend starting at where the park goes under wilcrest and going westward past kirkwood to your hearts desire.

i’m near corpus christi at the moment… but there were trails everywhere in the Sam Houston National Forest … i’m pretty sure that most are dirtbike trails, but if I understand correctly, some are mountain bike trails.

Thanks for the info and link, these options will keep me busy enough for the week-end!


If you get a chance, come up to Austin, about 3 hour drive from Houston. We got plenty of trails up here and it’s pretty hilly and rocky. If you can make it, let me know and I can get a group of guys together to go riding with you.