Muni in Honda Ad

Page 75 of the February 2012 issue of Car and Driver:


Nice, but funny, cause most Honda vehicles never see anything but pavement and soccer fields…

Ok, so which one of you is an ad wizard working on the Honda account?

Too specific to be dreamed up by a non-munier.

Nice exposure:)

Looks like a Photoshoped still of KH from one of his early DVD’s. (He rode the edge of a building like that, but I don’t remember which vid it was from)

They do have a few SUV’s. Pasport, Element, and CRV.

Hmm, even my Civic makes it from my house to the trailhead every time…

Nice to be in print! :slight_smile:

And here I thought it had something to do with this, but that’s for Mercedes-Benz. Hm.
Kris, you sure are popular with cars eh?

That’s funny. It does look like an old picture of mine, although I hadn’t heard about Honda using it.


Possibly some financial restitution from Honda is in order? :wink:

I’m not really fussed about it and have no idea who I’d ask. Probably worth inquiring though.


Same applies to most SUVs. And the vast majority of mountain bikes, for that matter. Note that the unicyclist in the ad is in an urban setting. Wouldn’t you expect the associated roads to be paved?

I think it’s just the image of the unicyclist; the building is clearly a separate image.

My guess is that the “user” of the unicyclist image either doesn’t know its source (which should disqualify it for use) or thinks it’s been watered down sufficiently to not be identifiable. But that “user” may have been the one doing the watering…

If you really wanted to track it down, it shouldn’t be hard to find out what advertising firm did the ad since you know the source. From there you can inquire into the source of their image in question. Have you tried looking for yourself on stock photography sites? Not all are publicly online though…

I might try tracking it down. I’m not too concerned about compensation - it’s a great advertisement for the sport. Ironically, if they’d told me I’d have told them that I drive a Honda Fit and really like it, better in fact than the Mercedes I drove in the Mercedes film…

Kris I work for an IP (Intellectual Property) firm if you want I can check into this for you. Message me if you have a picture that you think it might be from and I will follow-up tomorrow for you with both the picture of the article and your picture.

Thanks for the offer. Here’s the photo (attached). Photo was taken by Sean White, taken in Bhutan. My email is kris (at)

Thanks to James Amon on Facebook for tracking it down =)



haha that is super funny!

No problem. I will follow up when I get in the office tomorrow morning and will get back to you. Thanks to you and James for the quick work finding the photo :slight_smile:

I could be wrong, but I think this is how stock photography works. Honda designers probably paid for a small version of that photo, edited it, and put it in the ad. Seems completely fine:

I could purchase a small version of the same photo for $20 and edit it and use it royalty free if I wanted.

You’re probably right about that. Either way, it’s a pretty positive ad. It would be fun though to contact them and see if they ran a bit further with the concept.

If Sean White doesn’t know how that picture got on Fotosearch, it might not be fine. It depends on how he’s licensed it in the past. He may have sold it to a stock photo agency, or otherwise with an agreement that allowed for its further use by the license holder. Check with Sean.

I like the Honda Fit too. Never been in one, but I think it’s the best-looking of the very-small cars available in the US. Also it gets great fuel economy, without the additional overhead of electric motors and batteries like a hybrid.