Muni in Gilla Bend

Just got back from a Mt. Bike trip to Gilla Bend. I had a chance to do some MUNI also. Here is a quick vid. Nothing great, but something new to look at. Steve0we

is this video working for everyone?

Yeah but its a strange format (.ram). All my players dont like it much. I got to watch it though it was good. Nicelly edited too love the music. Oh and it has some awesome unicycle jumping in it.

Hope you had a GREAT trip. :slight_smile:
My pooter can’t down;oad the video. What player are you using?


is a RealPlayer video format

sorry about the bad format, here it is as a MPG.

Thanks again!

That looks like a great place to ride. Kieth is really coming along well, too. Glad you had a good trip.


Nice vid it looks as though you had fun, although the music made the movie seem long, so I turned it off and played your video at double speed most of the time.

your right about the music, I had friends that wanted to see the trip, so It was a throw together movie. Not up to par, but better than nothing. That was our first trip to snow. I learned alot about riding it, and respect all you people out there making it look easy! I cant wait until I get good at this stuff so I can start making really good movie.
I will have to learn some editing tricks from all you PROS…

Whats the best editing software?

hey catboy, what part of the states are you from?

Hey Steve, I finally got to view the video. Good job!!:smiley:

That was great Steve, worth the wait.
Keep it up!