Muni in Elfin Forest w/SD club 8.30.06

Since I just saw Jess Regal’s video(s) posted here in RSU, I decided to post a new vid here too, especially since way more people visit RSU than any other forum. If it’s not cool to post the vid here, then I apologize. I will then post videos in the vid section only from now on.:slight_smile:

Anyway, this was just a fun morning spent with the San Diego Muni club. We had a good turn out, and it was worth the 100+ mile drive. I had to split with the group after about 1.5 hours due to a work commitment that required my early departure.

**Note: Not a SINGLE transition in this vid; just straight cuts with music background and commentary.

Thanks to Miles (Mornish) and his Mom for inviting me!

I’ll be posting a video from CMW soon!

[B]Youtube link:

[/B]I can’t seem to upload to the gallery. Will try later

Ah… "The video you have requested is not available.

If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process."

Anyway, it’s fine to post video’s in RSU. The video forum is, as I understand it, for nothing but videos so you can find posted vids easier.

It should be available now…I just went there and it played just fine.:smiley: Oh, this muni ride took place in Escondito, about 30 miles North of San Diego. Cool!

It’s weird, when I go to “my uploaded videos”, it’s right there and it plays fine; But when I search for it, it’s no there! What up?? :thinking: (It’s been at least 20 minutes since it uploaded)

Edit: Link working now.

Haha, go Miles!!:slight_smile:
Looks like a fun group, who all is in it? I thought I recognized someone, but I dunno…

I swear I wouldn’t believe you were 50 if somebody else had said it…

It worked for me. Cool vid. Miles should work on a lot less using a lot less hops, bouncy bouncy bouncy…:wink:

Ha ha! I don’t believe it myself! I think my parents lied to me about when I was born.:smiley: Uni keeps us young!

Anyway, I don’t remember all the names, but there was Guy Delight and his sons Magnus and Olaf, also their mom MArie, Eric (Mango) John, Jake(?) and the real young kid is Ian. Of course there was Miles and his Mom Marty also. If I’ve left anyone out, sorry about that. Nice group!

Ah okay, it was probablly Mango who I recognized then, I knew someone look familiar.

Yeah, he is easy to recognize, he wears the same jersey all the time. Well not he same one, he has a lot of them but they are all the same.

Whoops…there was Steve as well. He was at CMW.