Muni in Chico

A while back I had corresponded with someone on this forum about muni in Chico area. I have lost contact with him. I will be up in Chico area this Wed through next Monday and am looking to ride! If you know good trails up there or are the guy I talked to before, I’d like to hear from you.

I talked earlier today with Pkittle (peter) who lives in Chico. He must be who you talked with befire because he PM’d me today and recognized your username and said you both were in touch earlier inthe summer.

PS: My friend Perry said that he thinks he put an old picture of mine somehwere between the pages of my UNI Magazine that I loaned to you this past saturday; did you find it in there?

Yes, I found the photos, I’ll be posting them on Myspace unless you put $2000 in umarked bills…

Ha! Would you take a bad check?:smiley:
What did you think of the video from this past Saturday’s muni adventure?

I don’t even know what the photo(s) are! Perry said it’s a pic of me with a ventriloquist dummy! (probably pretty old!) Could you take a digital pic of the pic email it to me…since you’ll be gone for a while?

I liked it!! It always seems gnarlier in person than on film.

Yeah. Those UPD’s were the best yet! I’m on my way now to Wilson Park to practice 180 unispins with Perry. Talk later.

Well, Gary, Drew (my son), and I took Jim on the trail we ride most often in Upper Bidwell Park–a loop that starts on the Middle trail, then hooks up and comes back on the Lower Trail (darn creative names we give trails here, eh?). Jim’s presence was a great enhancement–he had lots of different ideas about the lines to take on the trail, and encouraged us to try lots of new things. It really reinforced how great it is to have new people to ride with–we’re a little isolated up here!

Anyway, some pics and vids are on my gallery. Jim, come on back soon–and bring that maniac Terry along, too!

Saw the photos and videos, what fun! There was something about that ride and the company that was awesome. I went back the next day and did the same trail by myself and had about one tenth the fun.
I really like the photo with the puff of dust! Looks like I was going fast.
Sorry, I missed Sunday, family stuff.
Now when I go to visit the inlaws, I have something to look forward to!!!