MUni in Canadian media


Just a couple of magazine notes re MUni:

There’s a small article in Macleans Magazine this week (Canadian news magazine similar to USA Today), and apparently also some pictures in the magazine Hooked on the Outdoors although I haven’t seen it. Next week there will be some MUni on a Canadian news show called CityTV Breakfast Television.


Hey thats cool, I watch that show every morning. It is taped in Toronto, which is not to far from me…I’ll be tuned in!


The Toronto Unicyclists have been on BT many times. We did a trails demo last time we were on.

Kris, Do you know who is doing the riding ?

Krissy, You should contact us if you are near Toronto.

The Toronto Unicyclists will be in the news soon for MUni as well. I will post when the issue runs.


MUni on Fox in LA

channel flipping looking for decent entertainment brought me to fox doing their nightly news coverage. I was disappointed that i only caught the last half, but they had several clips of riders at Moab, i believe. i was quite surprised and pleased to see some detailed reports on the sport. some clips of riders chugging up slickrock, and a clip of kris doing his coasting thing.

That would be me. Probably eating some breakfast too- looking forward to that part!



Will you be in Toronto ? Or is it being filmed in Vancouver ?

The breakfast is usually muffins, coffee or juice in Toronto. Kinda lame for getting up a 5am !

Let us know what day when you know. Thanks.


It will be filmed in Vancouver, probably airing to just western Canada I think. But the vancouver show brings in a chef that cooks breakfast live for all the guests- it’s a big part of the show. Good thing I’m doing it in Vancouver I guess!


Re: MUni on Fox in LA

That’s awesome. When was that? The video that you saw on Fox might have been mine - footage from “Blood, Sweat and Wheels”, the movie I made at Moab this year. I sent the movie and some raw footage on DV to Scot Cooper for his promo reel and he asked if it was OK for local news to use some of the footage for a piece they were doing on him.

Do you remember if the piece was focusing on Scot Cooper? Can you describe some of the footage? The footage I shot of Kris gliding was shot with the camera on his right side near the bottom of the hill at a somewhat low angle.

It’s too bad I can’t get a copy of the news report on tape…

Re: Re: MUni on Fox in LA

cool… i don’t know whether it was focused on a single person, because i didn’t tune in for the whole thing. but the part i saw wasn’t really focused on a person, rather just the sport as a whole.

i’m sad i didn’t get to see the whole thing. i’m even more sad i didn’t get to tape it either. it’s odd that they would show this out in LA. judging from participation in the forum, there aren’t too many muni-ists out here.

the two clips that i saw were of kris gliding, and it was your clip, by how you described it. the other was of two munieurs chugging up a hill. that’s all i saw.

Hi everyone,

If you can’t get your hands on a copy of the Maclean’s magazine Kris was referring to, just check out this link:

The article is part way down from the top of the page. Hopefully there are no troubles with the link.

I’m not going to be able to watch the CityTV Breakfast Television show :frowning: So I was wondering if anybody out there is able to record it and convert it to digital format then post it on an FTP somewhere.

I wasn’t able to see when Kris was on MTV Select either, but I got a friend to tape it. If it all got recorded, I’m still going to try to get it converted to digital format, then I’ll post it for those who were unable to see it. My friend lives quite far away and I probably won’t see him until later this summer. So it may be a while…but I definitely won’t forget about it!



Thanks for the link… that was interesting reading.