MUni in Alberta media for Banff Film Festival


This year the Banff Mountain Film festival asked me be their “athlete media spokesperson” for the press conference and media launch of their Festival. This film festival starts Oct 30 in Banff Alberta and I headed to Calgary on Friday to the media launch. It’s a pretty funny job so I thought I’d share about it. Because the festival is big they were able to attract most of the major media in Alberta and it turned into a marathon 4 hour trials demo and interview session with radio, news and TV reporters. I think the most interesting is radio, because it is quite fun to try to paint a picture in words of mountain unicycling to people who have no visual concept of what unicycling entails.

Anyway, over the next 2 or 3 days Alberta is going to be blanketed with media coverage of unicycling which hopefully will be good for the sport in this province. As a side note, Calgary is an awesome city for unitrials for anyone who lives near there.

If anyone wants to listen to the CBC Radio One interview it is on a program called “Daybreak with Terri Campbell” at 8:35 AM Mountain Time (7:35AM Pacific Time) at, if you click the 1010 Radio One Live button.



Ah … Baniff … Lake Louise … etc …

The Canadian Rockies are so much more pristine than the US Rockies.
(wish I could meet you there)