MUni in 1999 - some founding fathers


Some of you may have found this somewhere in your searches. But I thought I would resurrect it, just for fun. I have been riding MUni for over three years and never had seen this.

Check out the “old fashioned” MUnis.

I’d never seen this site before, it’s cool to see. I noticied John F. and Nathan H. immediately, and it tokk me a few seconds to figure out who the other people were.

who are all those skinny guys? :smiley:

1999 website of the Bay area MUni gang

Wow, that website is nostalgic. I rode with essentially the same group, Nathan Hoover, John Foss, David Poznanter, Bruce Bundy, and Geoff Faraghan Thanksgiving weekend in 1999 at the Santa Cruz College (Wilder Ranch State Park). They had to loan me a MUni. It was a Hunter frame and was great except for the horrible pedals. I made some great friends on that ride which I will never forget. I also met Eric Kvamme on that trip. I got hooked on MUni big time…

must have been a tape worm floating around… :wink:

that takes me back. I remember drooling over pics of the headshock muni.