MUni Highlights - Akira Hoagland

Over the past two years, Mountain Unicycling has become a huge passion of mine. I have had the honor of attending/hosting California Mountain Unicycle Weekends and am always looking for an excuse to get out into the mountains. I hope you enjoy this video of some fun highlight moments throughout my riding career, cheers!
Video and Music by Cedar Dobson


Fantastic!!! :grin: :uni: :uni2:

Do you know where there’s more info about the AZ ride in February? Now that I live within easy driving distance, I’d definitely like to go. I haven’t seen my Phoenix unicycle buddies in too long. this is the link to the event if you’re on facebook. If you aren’t on FB then send me an email at and I’ll email you the details. Hope to see you there!

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Thanks. I put myself on the list as interested. Hope to see you there as well.

Great riding, Akira! and great video editing, Cedar! You guys are an inspiration!


@LanceB Aw thank you Lance! I hope you are doing well at this time, and I hope you’re riding, Cheers! :uni:

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Awesome video, great job! :slight_smile:

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Thanks slamdance! It’s awesome to have a gal like cedar with her rad riding, and phenomenal filming and video editing! I guess I do look like a girl in videos lol, but yeah…I’m a dude.

4 years in LA? I’ve been to two MUni weekends there (2018 and 2019) some super cool riders. Riding with people totally changes the experience for the better in my opinion, If you wanted to you should put some feelers out and see if there are any riders fairly close to ride with. Cheers!