MUni helps non Rider

We were doing a demo the a week or so ago, and an off duty free lance (last week of employment at the current local paper) just happened to be strolling through.

We got to talking about what Uni’ing is all about, and she was really keen on coming out with us for a MUni section and snapping shots in order to build her portfolio.

We had a good time, and she said I am welcome to all the shots and will burn me off a CD of all the pics

So far I have only seen one, but if this is any indication of what’s coming…should be pretty good stuff!

edit: the pic was too big, give me a second


I’m not sure how mud got on my pads, I don’t ever fall :roll_eyes:

Might be the first photo of someone on a uni or muni that actually captures the feeling of being in the one-wheel.
Your photographer friend totally rules!

That’s a fantastic photo. I think it really shows how much concentration and focus is put on the terrain just in front of the wheel.


Which also may have just pointed out why I fall off skinnies so often…maybe I need to look further ahead

If you look right above my left shin pad, you can see some UW36 damage. The Roach’s protect against this, the KH do not

very kewl pic

it’s a pretty easy technique
follow the subject (in this case SOFA) with the camera
ie. keep it in the viewfinder while it moves
and take the pic when the subject is at the desired angle from u
normally directly opposite u
(this will maximize the effect)
depending on shutterspeed (and this will vary depending on the speed of your subject, and lighting, and f-stop, and, and, and, u need to play around with these things) the subject will be in sharp focus and the backround will streak as in the example of SOFA posted above
if u keep the camera stationary, the backround will remain in focus and the subject will streak, suggesting speed in another way
normally better for taking a pic of a group of riders

another way to get a simmilar effect, but this time from the front, is to get a camera with a manual zoom lens
the longer the zoom the better
with a pretty pedestrian shutter speed and the zoom-collar on the lens pushed fully forward, centre the subject and start sliding the zoom-collar towards the body of the camera as smoothly as possible
about one third of the way thru, click the shutter without interrupting the zooming action
the result is a pic where the streaky backround seems to radiate from the subject
varying the speed of the manual zooming action will change the degree of streaking

i’m sure there must he 100’s of ways of generating these, and more impressive, effects using a variety of software
that’s the way we did it in my day…


As you siad Gild, the photo was done by panning, but it also looks like the photographer used a flash. The flash serves a dual purpose for a shot like this. It provides some fill in lighting for the subject (see how Brian stands out in the picture?) and it helps to “freeze” the subject a little more due to the speed of the flash.

Nice picture. It’s very hard to make a still photo that can convey the action in real life.


i knew it had a kewl name i just couldn’t remember this morning
thanx billham
good point about the flash as well
in the zooming technique i described in my post, would a flash help achieve similar results as it did in this pic?

That’s a great shot – love to have a copy. Better yet, silk screen some onto t-shirts. Bet that CD you have coming has some even better ones.

Almost certainly a “flash-fill” pic – only way to get those hot flesh tones.

Very nice . . .


Very awesome pic actually. I know at the Iowa State Fair every year we have a photo contest, that’s just the sort of stuff that would win. Tell her to enter it in some contests. Very very cool photo.

since we’re sharing unicycle related images i thought i would share this one i shot for Bedford Unicycles. its the sponsors ad that apears in the new “Spaced Out” DVD by Jeff Groves. make sure you pick up a copy of the DVD from Bedford Unicycles.

the ad features Ryan Atkins Bedford Factory team rider.

FYI this is not photoshoped, he is actually jumping that high. the technique used to create the over all look is called “Day for night”.