MUni help

I am going to buy a new MUni. I have a torker dx 24 now but it is too heavy for my trails. The trails i ride are long steep rocky with lots of roots and long steep downhills with lots of roots and rocks. Some days it is dusty but some day it is muddy, and i ride fire roads with water crossing ,so i would like something that could handle all of this plus snow riding in the winter?

The kris holm tires work good in the snow… and i dont think they weigh too much.

do they come in a 24in

I didnt know kris holm made tyres? :stuck_out_tongue:
but they come with a 24x3" duro wildlife tyre, so you could order that knox :slight_smile:

it is a tubeless tire. thats what i run

haha yeah, i mean the tires on the KHs. :stuck_out_tongue:

i may get a 26in or a 29

I’d say go with the 26". I’ve been riding a 24" for the last 2 1/2 years and have recently switched to a 26". I should have made the switch much sooner, the 26" is a much better ride, particularly for Downhill.

what do you have? how much was it? and what would you change on it?

I would recommend this:

But that’s just my opinion.

i have a 24dx i am looking at a 26nimbus

Ya, nimbus’s are sick man!

something isis drilled out moment cranks and tubeless and fusion freeride seat and 3in maxxis mobster

I have a KH26. I’ve changed the standard Stout tyre for the 3" Duro. I carried my 150/125 Dual moments across from my old MUni. Other than that it’s stock. The Duro is a much better tyre IMO for downhill.

I switched from a KH24, and still think it was the best choice to go for the KH26 rather than the other 26’er offerings.

How much does the KH24 vs KH26 differ? Is the KH26 harder to control on decents? Does the KH26 have much speed difference? Sorry for all the questions, I have been wanting a KH26 for a while now and have a 24’’ and a KH05 29er.

The KH26 with the 3" Duro is slightly harder to control on the descents because of the extra wheel weight and rotational force, but it’s something you can quickly get used to. I’ve found that I ride better downhill with the 26 than the 24. The 26 rolls everything a lot easier. It did take me a little while to get used to it, once I stopped fighting the roll and just went with it.

If you ride downhill with your 29’er you will know the feel of trying to control the larger wheel so it shouldn’t really be a problem for you.

Depending on your weight and height you may want to stick with the stock Stout tyre. For myself, carrying some extra weight, the Duro is a much better option. The extra weight again takes some getting used to but I much prefer the stability of the 3" tyre vs the extra weight.

In terms of speed difference… there is some, but not a lot. It mostly depends on the cadence you can maintain. I’m fairly erratic and like a mellow pace :slight_smile: