Muni goes Nerd Nite Festival


Today, I held a presentation at Nerd Nite Berlin about mountain unicycling in general and Lutz’ and my 3000m project in the dolomites last summer.

They now have a survey online, to decide who of the speakers can go to New York to hold their presentation again at the Nerd Nite Festival this year. Obviously, I would really love to go.

It would be amazing of you if you could vote for me (with just one click) here:
(the first entry “Stephanie Dietze: 3000m bergab – auf nur einem Rad”)

Thanks a lot! I’ll let you know if I made it.

Wow! I’m sure being at the top of the list helps a lot as well! For you non-German speakers, I’m pretty sure you also then need to click “fertig” after choosing Steph.

Best of luck, Steph!

Voted and bumped back to the top

Thanks John! Next time we me, let’s talk in German :slight_smile:

Thank you for voting everyone!

Awesome video, taking some huge risks being that far out from medical attention, I especially enjoyed those controlled slides, killer skills!!

Me, too. I sent a vote your way. Excellent piece!

In the alps (or in europe general) medical attention is everywhere. If something would happen they would get us with a heli in less then 10 minutes. No real adventures in europe anymore ;).