Muni : Go single speed

Doing some muni riding in the netherlands with a 26 inch single speed.

Hi rvs!

Nice video.
When i lived near arnheim in my caravan last year i learned to ride the unicycle. Next time i visit the netherlands i have to take my 26" Muni with me to go riding through De Hoge Veluwe.



very good!


Hey Rene,
That’s nice to see that you’re still riding…
Since you were selling some parts, I thought You’ve said goodbye to unicycling…
Even nicer that you’ve took a cam to share your ‘off-road’ experiences with us…
Thanks, can’t wait to see the next movie with evenmore of those ‘slippery’ sessions…
Greets, Rob

Nice video… when I usually see such kind of autumn/no-snow winter landscape I loose my will to make photos or videos, but it seems it is still worth doing that :slight_smile:

De Hoge veluwe is a nice place to ride but you probably want a bigger wheel.
It is the flat parts of the netherlands.

I am still riding but most of the time it’s muni.
So thats why i am selling some parts.
When can we see some nice muni action from you??
You live in the better part of the netherlands for muni riding.
Last summer i want riding at 3 landen punt that is great place for muni.

Do you call this flat? Well, okay, i spent the months from November to May at the coast to the north see, at the most south part, near breskens, there it is flat, or up at Flevoland.

Riding along the coastline should be ice, probably with a 36".



My last muni action was the famous SM Loop 2011 , the third time I participated in that awesome event.
It’s a run through the Geulle Valley.
Starting at Lichtenbusch (Belgium) and the finish is at Meerssen (the Netherlands). Distance: 46,2 Km !!
Just mudd and fun!
(Last year very heavy caused by the snowy and icey conditions, but still very amusing)
Perhaps something for you too to 'say goodbye to the ‘winterspek’ next year! :wink:


(Dutch spoken!)

Cool video. Nice riding.

What is that tower?

Look like fun.
What size unicycle did you use??


It’s a fire lookout tower.
The door is normal closed but someone broke the door open a few months a go.
Now it’s closed again :frowning:

It is not a competion. The average speed is ± 10 km/h because it’s a runnersevent.
For this I prefer still my KH 29 (dh cranks : rode 150mm!) above the KH 26 geared ( also with dual hole cranks 125/150).
I’m considering to sell my 26 Schlumpf even for the reason that I still cannot manage to enjoy the benifit of a gear.
After 5 serious attempts (so it’s almost ‘new’) I put it in the garage and didn’t touch it anymore.
It’s just too heavy for me and I don’t like to muni or cruise on at that speed.
Perhaps you know somebody that might be interested?

just curious not really intrested but what kind of price are you looking for?

Have you tired the schlumpf with 165mm cranks??
I started with 165mm cranks on my 26 inch schlumpf the speed is lower and you have a lot more control on technical terrain.
Used them for a very long time, now i ride with 150mm .
It can take will to get used to schlumpf ridding but the real fun starts when you can shift really good.
Ridding a 26inch at full speed on bumpy forrest road is less scary than ridding the 36inch at full speed in high gear.
Thats why stopped ridding the 36inch schlumpf.
To bad that you give it after 5 tries.
I think you should try it again.

me too.