Muni Girls

I upload a video from the German Downhill championship 2009 in Steinach. Enjoy it :slight_smile:


Nice:) I liked the bails a lot, and the ending.:stuck_out_tongue:

nice video olaf :slight_smile:

yea, the bails are great :smiley:
and very cool riding !

Nice video! Those girls don’t know fear!

Btw, the download file is corrupt.

worked for me.

nice vid btw, keep them coming

Its not playing for me either :frowning:

very nice vid;)

Thanks for the comments. Those who have trouble with the mp4 file maybe miss H264 codec on the PC. The download file is the same file that run in the stream so it generally work.

It crashes VLC. If you can find me another file that’ll crash VLC… And it shows very funny in MPlayer.

mh that’s really strange, runs perfect for me on WMP and on some other players. How ever, I upload it also to Vimeo, maybe this works better for you.

Thanks for the coments from me too :smiley: