Muni & giraffe ---UK---

hi all
i have a maxtraction "24X"3 and a qu-ax 5.5ft giraffe for sale

price is £120 for the giraffe and £140 for the muni.

e mail me if you want a full and deatiled description.


ive emailed you


oh how u temp me with your tall unicycle

the muni has gone, but im still selling the giraffe.

for £120.

its got a maxxis ringworm tyre, kh seat and metal peds. its 5.5. foot and in almost new state.

will you ship to canada? and how mch do you think shipping will be if you do?


its for sale UK only shipping to canada would be expensive. it needs quite a large box. sorry dude :thinking: :frowning:


hi all the giraffes still for sale, i’ll post pics if you want.



YEA!! (for the pic) i learnt to ride one like last wk …i might be tempted;) :roll_eyes: :slight_smile: :smiley:


i’ve just spent ages trying to attach pictures but it says they need to be re-sized, i dont know how to do that, so i’ll e mail em if you want.


ring wormed tyre hehehehe hookworm tyre you mean o well (snigger ringworm snigger)

If you had a look around instead of sniggering and stretching your ears you’d find that Maxxis make a tyre called Ringworm, as well as the Hookworm.


dude its a maxxis ringworm, havnt you got nething better to do than make 1 letter spelling corrections?