Muni + Gazz on the road

Today,after 3 1/2 months of riding, I took my Muni out for my first actual road ride. I’ve ridden it on different occassions on pavement. Quite a few 1 mile laps around a small lake in the neighborhood, laps on a jogging trail and even some stop-n-go riding in a parade last weekend. Most of my riding has been in the woods where a Muni belongs.
I installed my new 150mm cranks last weekend and had only got a chance to ride it one mile since then. So, today I aired the Gazz up to 30 psi and hopped on. After about 30 feet, I realized the Gazz does NOT like high tire pressures and dropped it back down to 18 psi and remounted. I was impressed with how much easier it was to maintain speed with the 150 cranks as I sped off down the road. At around mile # 4, I realized today may not have been a good choice for my maiden voyage on the road. The temperature was near 88 degrees F. and I was fighting quite a headwind. As I stopped to rest, my wife said my face was starting to turn the same shade of red as my Miatya saddle and sweat was pouring from my body. I wisely decided to turn back and headed for the comfort of my air conditioned truck. I now realize that my level of fitness (gauged by my cycling abilities) is greatly reduced when I hop on the Muni and put it on the road in the heat of the day. My total mileage was only 8 miles!! For all of ya’ll that ride distances on the road on a uni, you have my ultimate respect!!!

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)For all of ya’ll that ride distances on the road on a uni, you have my
)ultimate respect!!!

The Gazz hates roads. It will grumble at you the whole time, and try to
force you to turn into the ditch, where it would be more comfortable
riding. It’s definitely the hardest uni I own to ride on road; it’s a
totally different experience riding a 29er, or even a 24" with a slick

Oddly enough, I ride my gazz pretty much everywhere, so I’m used to riding it on the road, riding a 28" the other week it felt really weird.