Muni Frontflip!!!!

i found this teaser randomly, thought it was worth sharing.

Cool Video

Hmmmm I dunno… I’d have to see it to believe it.

if he landed that… thats cool! :sunglasses:

Props to the guy even if he didn’t land it. Takes balls to attempt something like that- especially off what looks to be a pretty serious drop to start off with. Will be interesting to see the end video.

wow he has such a cool style, and if he landed that its amazing!

oh my fucking god, you just made my day, landed or no I dont care, it take much balls, unicycle and a fullface! hahahah, x games soon!

can’t stop watching it, lol


if this is real it is awesome

Wow…this is really cool, I wouldn’t even try if I had a fullface :stuck_out_tongue:
nice uni too :slight_smile:

I want to see the fullvideo before I believe it :).

Whether it actually happened or not… Muni needs some frontflips.



Justin, you’re assigned the task of frontflipping off of stuff… :wink:

I do believe that he landed it. It’s much cooler to think, thinking that he didn’t land it. :slight_smile:

Wow, if he landed that or not… props. Plus you have to love the hunter frame! I need to get my arse back in muni!

the fact that it is rolling is so cool


was it rolling? I think I saw a small tap before he jumped.
That, however makes it in no way un-impressive.

it was freaking rediculous.

Jackie, you know,

It’s your responsibility to learn these and get them consistent on your MUNI.