MUni frame leaves room for a 26 inch wheel?

My new MUni (see review in Product Review Section) frame has what looks to be room to fit a 26 inch wheel. There is a fair bit of space above the 24 inch Stout tire and the frame itself. Though I prefer the look of the wheel closer to the frame, this space does have its advantages, one being lots of room for stuff like rocks and leaves to pass through if they get stuck to the tire. And then of course there is the potential for a bigger wheel… hum, is another wheel set going to be the next item on my never shortening uni wish list…?!

What do you think? Do you like a snug fit between wheel and frame? Any disadvantages to having a spacious area between tire and frame?


Of course pictures would help a great deal here.

Maybe, Santa will bring me a digital camera… but then again, maybe not… I’ve probably already overdone it with uni related christmas requests… sigh… sorry harper, once again you are forced to rely upon just your imagination…