muni for trials or trials for muni

okay so i visited a uni dealer yesterday and i saw a glorious kh 24:D whith upgrads. anyways the owner said they would traid my trials plus a lot of cash for the kh uni.:slight_smile:
so that brings me to my question is a trials better for doing trials muni and street than a muni is for doing that? :thinking:

Theres nothing like a Muni for Muni riding…But for Trials and Street id say the Trials uni is better…What kind of Trials do you have and how much money do they want?

I personaly would do the the trade because I do a lot of Muni. but it really depends on how much Muni you do, I know that it is easyer to do Muni and trials on a Muni than to do trials and Muni on a trials

wow I just read that over and thats confuseing :thinking:

well my trials would probably bring in about 200 because it is used and they want around 700 for the muni
so should i keep the trials and save up a lot for the muni?

You didnt answer my question…I asked what kind of trials you had, the brand name… And what about this KH makes it worth $700

well my uni is coustom it has a yuni frame cut down kh seat luna tire alex rim cromo hub non splined.
and the kh uni was bruoght in peice by peice so it is a costom uni too. by the way they arnt stock peices either

So what makes it worth $700…You could get a new one from UDC for $520

I think theyre trying to screw ya.

take into account the border charges the upgrades the shipping and the exchainge rate and then say its not a good price.

700.00 Cad = 629.802 Usd

If you’re doing both a Muni is best. Infact a few ppl prefer muni rides for trials and street (justin kohse comes to mind). Trials unis are awful for muni.

i recommend getting a muni for trails and muni rather than trails for muni and trials. i prefer a muni for street and its really good for speed as well. the only problem i find is that i can’t hop as high with a Muni, then agian not many people can.

Darren sells KH Muni’s. No border issues.

And im pretty sure that KHU is based in BC so border carges shouldnt be an issue there either.

thanks but there are a few tricks that i think might be hard on a 24 inch like a leg wrap,unispin or body viral what do you think

and the only problem about buying from bedford is gst and pst and shipping

There is no PST and GST from Bedford…Prices marked are prices paid. And still you wont be paying $700 for a KH Muni from Bedford even with shipping.

And about the legwraps and Unispins being hard on 24" unis just look at some of Justin Kohses videos.

thanks for the info

Erik(mango) uses his MUni for MUni and street/trials. He actually prefers his Muni for trials that his trials uni. He can jump up tables and stuff.