MUni for travel???

i have been thinking about getting a muni for a while and i was wondering if they can be used for long distance riding? are there any 3.0 or 2.50 slick tires i can get for one? also i was wondering if the gass is ok for long road riding, will it wear down fast???

P.S. i noticed that on the old KH there was a 3.0 tire on a alex???i didnt think this was possible.

Other than the slicks on, like the Fireball, Hoggy-G, and Hookworm.

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ya but whats the smallest tire u can fit on the sun duble wide???

Smallest… hmmm im not quite sure, but you could probably put a 2.5 on there and just overinflate the tube a bit, but I really wouldn’t know…

Re: MUni for travel???

It depends on long of a distance you are planning to ride. A uni with 700c (28/29") wheelset would be better for longer distances. There is a variety of 24" tires available, as Catboy pointed out. The Gazz does wear rather quickly when ridden on pavement excessively.

P.S. I don’t know much about 19/20 tire availability, but the 3.0 you saw on the old KH was probably on a KH 24 equipped with a 24" Alex rim

24" Alex DX-32 rims are wide and 24x3" Gazz’s fit on them easily. That’s what I am currently running.


its true that a knobbly 3" tyre will wear fairly quickly on pavement/road, but I’ve never found it to be a problem- once the knobbles are worn away you get left with a fat slick tyre that’ll last for ages.

A 24x3 is ok for moderate distance.

I wouldn’t use a 700c (28") as the thin tyre provides little cushioning and you’ll have to be constantly on the lookout for bumps etc ahead.

However, a 29-er (700c with a fat tyre) is superb for distance; it’s faster than a 24x3, but also a really smooth ride due to the big tyre.

the reason for the post is i want a muni and i was woondering if i could do road on it, i have a coker coming for x-mass.

If you’ve got a Coker coming, go for the Muni and use the Coker on the road;)

Re: MUni for travel???

A MUni is a bit cumbersome for distance, but if you are travelling it’s quite nice because it’s less bulky than a Coker. A Gazz will wear down fairly fast on road if you’re doing big distances. The Alex rim is pretty wide- I’ve got a 3" tyre on there.

The longest I’ve ridden on my 26" MUNi was all over Kathmandu Valley a couple of years back- it was great to travel with because it’s very compact, and, if you don’t mind not going very fast, is good for distance. If I had to do the trip again I would probably take my 29’er though- good for distance and also good for MUni. I can’t imagine riding more than 60-80km on-road with a anything less than a 29" MUni- that would suck.