Muni for sale!!!

Hi guys and gals, as the title suggests, I’m selling my muni!

It has:
24" Halo Combat rim (black)
24x3.0" Gazzaloddi tyre (very new, still has those mould things on!)
A Kris Holm hub
170mm Kris Holm cranks
DMR V8 pedals (black)
Qu-Ax 24" frame w/25.4mm seat stem (black)
25.4 anti-twist seat post (black)
Big double-bolt seat clamp (black)
Kris Holm Carbon Fibre based saddle with black leather cover and KH handle/bumper.

I’m asking £250 for this uni as it is in great condition, no scratches on the cranks, no trials or big drops have been done on it. The CF saddle is in mint condition and is virtually new and hardly used. Can do black or yellow on the handle/bumper. The tyre as mentioned is hardly used. No crank grabs have been done and the pedals are awesome and still in great condition.

I’m selling this uni as I don’t really use it loads and it seems such a waste to have it sat around and I need the money.

If you are interested please PM me or email me at wai_lak at hotmail dot com!

Thanks for looking,

P.S Will post a pic ASAP.

bump This is a great uni and sooo worth buying guys!

… and of course this comes just 6 hours after ordering an Onza 24" from which has already arrived & I’m having to endure a day with the box sat next to me in the office until I can get home to assemble it!

sorry OWS!

Well if you fall out with the Onza, you know who to come to! :slight_smile:


as in - it was posted 6 hours after I ordered the Onza, not the delivery took 6 hours! - it took a long, slow 18 hours to arrive. :smiley:

This comes to late for me to but by a few months o well i had better go or i will be unhappy for o.w.s. I for one will say this guy is totally trustable. I got a frame off him the other day GRRREAT cheers.

I had to do the same with just an onza hub and crankset. The desk was covered in dribble by the end of the day… sooooo shiny! I feel your pain…


Dang, I’d buy that if i lived somewhere where you could ship it…

You won’t ship to the U.S. , will you?

Oh, and what would that be in US dollars?

Just wondering…

US$450. I’m not sure how much shipping is, but I’ll look into it if you’re definately interested. I’ll try and fork out for some of the S&H if I can afford it.

Boo! to new Onza unicycles and parts- hurray for OWS’s muni!!!

I’ve got a friend who wants a MUni, but i don’t even want to think about how much shipping would be to hawaii from the UK.

I shall do some research and post again. I’m sure we can come to some arrangement :slight_smile:

Well I might be interested, Please email pics to and if you sold it to me the postage would be a lot less :smiley:

Ok no problem! :slight_smile: