MUni for sale

Hi all

I recently started uni’ng and bought myself a MUni from Unicycle UK. In my
naivety I thought that a 24’ MUni would be just the thing for trials, and
bought on that basis. Having been on the MUni a few times (3 to be exact)
and having played on someone else’s 20’ MUni I seem to have made the wrong
decision. So, I am selling it in the hope that I can replace it with the
smaller version of the same model. The MUni is a ‘UDC Max Traction - 24 x
3’. It is almost new, barely ridden and cost £195 from UK.
This was with a one month waiting list. I am selling the MUni for £175,
buyer collects or pays postage. Please email me if interested.

So, if you are planning on picking one up you can save yourself 20 quid
and a 4 week wait!

The spec of the uni can be found at:

There is a pic of the Uni at: